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Stephen Eastmead Archaeology Photographs and 3D Models
LIDAR Image Processing using GIS software.
Including using digital maps and incorporating GPS data
LIDAR Update: The information below is rather out of date. I am currently working on a combined set of documents that updates the use of LIDAR data to include colour banded elevations in 2D and 3D.
These documents are a simultaneous introduction to basic use of QGIS for both LIDAR and archaeological fieldwork surveys.
These documents will be available at the beginning of November to coincide with
2017-11-04 CBA Yorkshire Autumn Showcase
To view some 3D LIDAR models view my work for at
Summary: This short article describes how free software and LIDAR images (in the UK) can be processed to show earthwork features at their best
 by varying the angle a ‘Virtual Sun’ is casting shadows. This process can be performed on a single or multiple merged LIDAR tiles.
How to obtain the LIDAR image files and the software used is described fully in the PDF download together with step by step instructions. Watch the video to see how easy it is!.
The two images below show northerly and easterly illumination.